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My name is Dan Jentink, retired Army Major and Wood Artisan.

This venture evolved from a culmination of events and influences over the course of my life. The most recent occurring in 2009 while I was proudly serving in my 13th year of Active Duty in the Army; I had brain surgery for a rare but benign tumor that suddenly started to grow after being dormant for 9 years. Then, six months later, I had another surgery to basically close a hole in my heart. These incidents, together with previous deployment-related health issues, contributed to my inability to maintain the physical standards of the Army. In 2011, the process began towards an inevitable medical retirement from a rewarding 16 year Army career.

Two years into my retirement in 2014, after much encouragement from  my remarkable wife, I transformed my lifelong passion of working with wood from hobby to vocation. 

That's me shaping my first wooden toolbox with my brother... my Dad had us put them together ourselves (THANKS DAD!!)

That's me shaping my first wooden toolbox with my brother... my Dad had us put them together ourselves (THANKS DAD!!)

One of my first experiences with woodworking/turning began as a young boy, of elementary school age, when my Dad came home one day with a used tabletop mini lathe; the spur drive was missing so he welded a new one. At the time, it was more of a novelty toy, but I did eventually learn to make my first turned pieces which consisted of mostly crude spindles and mini goblets made with Philippine Mahogany, which I still have to this day.

Whether it was watching captivated as the carpenters built our all-wood house, putting together my first wooden toolbox or whittling on twigs, it has always felt natural to me, an innate inclination, for wood and it's dynamic ability to be shaped and transformed.

My High School Woodshop teacher, Mr. Worley

My High School Woodshop teacher, Mr. Worley

In high school, I had the privilege of having a great woodshop teacher who further ignited my passion for turning and woodworking in general. It was there that I first worked with Narra wood, another exotic Philippine hardwood; A beautiful deep red or sometimes orange heartwood with a very pungent pleasing scent emanating from the wood as you work with it. Narra is my favorite wood to this day.

Growing up as a missionary kid in the Philippines, provided me with priceless exposure to some of the most inspiring woods. I am grateful for all the paths and people that have influenced and contributed to my journey, my craft and my creations.

I am primarily self taught but always seeking to improve on my craft through workshops and mentoring as well as classes at the well known Red Rocks School of Fine Woodworking. I am a member of The American Association of Woodturners , as well as their local Colorado Springs chapter Pikes Peak Woodturners.

I enjoy working out of my garage and hunting down and rescuing wood otherwise destined for someone's fireplace or chipped for mulch. I do not wish to be a production turner; I love what I do and do not feel the need to push out any certain amount of pieces just to compete or to sell more. Each one of my pieces is an original, one-of-a-kind artistic expression. They are dated, signed or when shape/size permits, branded with my trademark logo.

I wanted the design of my logo to reflect my resolve to God, the Ultimate Artist, who I humbly serve with my gifts and talents.

Please keep in mind, all the product pictures are taken by me; I don't pretend to be a professional photographer, but I do try my best to depict my pieces as accurate as possible.

UPDATE: In addition to wood turning I have expanded my work shop to include the building of acoustic guitars! Checkout my Lutherie pages!

My first turned pieces and projects spanning 30 to 40 years 

My first turned pieces and projects spanning 30 to 40 years 

Upon a Lathe, in Colorado Springs,

Dan Jentink